Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Other Links

I have decided to start adding links to web sites/blogs that I think present interesting information on the Shenandoah experience. My one caution is that these blogs often post links to other sites with Shenandoah information which point to other sites with Shenandoah information. Like the path outside your door these infinite connections can lead to a lot of interesting on-line adventures.


  1. Thanks for linking to Hawksbill Cabin. Of course, your blog is the authoritative one, and a favorite of mine!

    For readers interested in hiking and Shenandoah recreation, check the tags or labels for "Day Hikes" - that will keep you out of some of the other areas (unless you are interested in the cabin restoration, Luray, etc...)

    "Cabin Jim"

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  3. Jim

    I should have posted your link long ago. I get a lot of enjoyment out of your blog. I grew up in an old farm house in the uplands of Central New York that my parents did an immense amount of work on. While I was growing up I helped my Dad with many a remodeling project and enjoy following the Cabin repair postings. I find your site a great resource for exploring the Shenandoah experience.

    Bob Look

    PS Had to correct a spelling error on the deleted post.