Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday April 21, 2013 More Spring Flowers

Pictures now words later

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sat. April 21, 2013 Bluetts & Measuring

Distance Measuring Project
 The spoke-less Rolatape surveyor's measuring wheel I am using to measure distances on Old Rag.

The neighbors pasture which they open for parking when the main lot is full.   The NPS lot is free but there is a park entrance fee unless you have a Park Pass of some kind or if it is one of the fee free days.    The neighbors charge $10 to park in their pasture.   This would be in addition to the park entrance fee but it is much better than needing to drive back home or wait until hikers park in the NPS lot return and free up a parking space. 

The Bluetts have started blooming.

A Raven flying around Old Rag summit

Another wonderful Old Rag summit sunset.


A blowdown just before the CCC stairs or 18,607 feet from the concrete trail post in the upper lot if you walk via the fire roads and Saddle Trail.

Monday, April 15, 2013


You can begin to see some green on the trees in Weakley Hollow.

The Old Rag Mountain Stewards training Spring 2013 weekend.  

Sunset on the horizon to the north of Hawksbill Mt.    It is interesting to watch were the sun sets on the horizon as the seasons progress.

The rocky face of Old Rag's lesser summit.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Shoulder Season


Various Trips Mid Feb 2013 till March 31, 2013 

There is lots of history to be found in the hollows just outside the SNP.   The next four shots feature the Post Office of Graves Mill Virginia which was open from 1800's until just a few years ago.      It must have been one of the smallest Post Offices in the United States.
Note: Click on pictures to read text or see a  higher resolution.

Around two weeks ago I had the opportunity to help a young hiker with a sprained ankle.

The next picture is of a dog being reunited with its owners after going missing on Mt  Robinson and being found by two good Samaritans on Old Rag.
The good Samaritans.
At the end of March 2013 we had 3 inches of snow on a Monday morning.
Dusk on the lower Old Rag Ridge Trail.
The Old Rag Contact Station was opened for 2013.
My friend Louise and I had rented a cabin in early March.

During the Winter and Early Spring Old Rag trails can often look like this when there is no snow to be seen at lower elevations.    Have fun but be safe.