Thursday, September 10, 2009


While cruising the web I just found this new BLOG/Guide for OLD RAG rock climbing. Between the Horst Book, and this new BLOG/Guide Old Rag information is getting more available.

The author or authors appear to be very knowledgeable and to have put considerable care and thought in the initial writing on the blog. It can be found at:

I have also added it too my favorites list on the right.

If you are a climber keep in mind that the National Park Service is in the process of finalizing its Rock Outcrop Management Plan(ROMP).

A complete copy of the current draft ROMP including Appendix D the DRAFT Shenandoah National Park Climbing Management Guidelines

can be found at:

One of my very first BLOG entries back in December of 2008 was about the ROMP. The park is extremely interested in working with the climbing community for the purposes of protecting the natural resources on Old Rag and other rock outcrops. The park not only wants to coordinate with local rock climbing groups but actively seeks to reach out to them.

One of reasons the park formed the Old Rag Mountain Stewards was to provide outreach to Old Rag visitors in order to limit the impact on rocks plants and animals so as to prevent the need for access restrictions.

If the wrong things happen the park will need to restrict access but is trying very hard to never need to.

Keep your eyes and ears open for any future developments in regards to guidance from the park service as concerns rock climbing on Old Rag.

In the meantime just use common courtesy, leave-no-trace principles, and clean climbing techniques when climbing on Old Rag and all will probably be fine.


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