Friday, September 11, 2009

New Climbing Film

If you are a rock climber you may be interested in the web site The Rock Adventure Film Diary for an upcoming film to be called Portrait of the American Climber by a young film maker story teller Director Oakley Anderson-Moore and Producer Paul Blair. The web site has some great out-takes of video interviews with famous 70's climbers. I am sure this shoe string budget film is going to be great. The web site is at:


  1. Hi there -

    I'm Oakley, the director! Thanks for the shout-out on the film. I'm sorry I didn't notice this for some time - you have a wonderful blog - the pictures are great! Seeing the seasons out there makes me envious of your geographical location!!! We think we will have our film done by this summer, I'll send an email your way when we do. Take care and keep the pics a-comin!

    Sincerely - Oakley

  2. Oakley,

    On very rare occasions I have reason to visit my old posts. I just noticed your comment. I look forward to the release of your film. My sense is that it is going to be a very high quality and creative look at the history of American rock climbing 30-50 years ago. It is wonderful that you are able to capture the stories of climbers from the era. It appears the film will capture what it meant to climb during those days whether you were putting up historic FFAs or experiencing your adventures on lower grades.

    I highly encourage visitors to my blog to visit your site and donate.

    Bob Look