Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sarah Skating & Short Day

Saturday December 4, 2010

Managed to get a couple hours of intense skating training in Friday night. Even though I was able to push it to the limit my limit at the moment is probably at 30% of peak capacity so I have my work cut out for me to get back at least into good shape for my age.

My oldest is an Olympic hopefull speed skater, is damn good on hockey skates and competed as a figure and ice dancer until she was ten when soccer(one year George Mason), distance running (medaled as a Junior Olympian) and american football(high school varsity boys starter all four years of high school) took over her sports focus. Her ability to oxygenate (VO2max) has been scientifically measured by numerous of her various sports trainers (rowing, running, swimming, cycling) and it is up there near record levels. Her resting heart rate is around 40.

In any case, her old man at least likes to be able to keep up with her for a few laps as we laughingly dance and weave dangerously close through each others skate lanes and maybe even jostle each other a little before I have to collapse from lack of oxygen and she sails on for another forty or sixty laps. I will be elated if instead of three laps I can get it up to ten or twelve before I have to collapse. (Of course this will mean I will have to be in better cardio shape than probably 98% of twenty year olds and may be beyond my reach at 56.)

Since I had put in such a hard workout and got home about 11:30 the night before I decided to sleep in late and just do a slow amble up to the first false summit and back.

The next picture is of a major blowdown and is posted for trail maintainers. The notebook on blowdown is shirt pocket size.

It was a little chilly and overcast.

Here is the classic picture looking up the rock scramble from the first false summit.

This picture was taken so as to show the beginnings of some of the mountain's ice flows for those interested in that type of thing.

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