Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Snow

My first snow on Old Rag. Of course I had to do a little first snow jig. Having my studio headphones and some awesome music along helped.

Rain in the lower elevations that changed to snow, wind, and temps in the high 20's as you got higher on the mountain. While I had my microspikes with me the ice was not quite bad enough to warrant putting them on but I did have to be careful about foot placements.

Zero avalanche danger. Unlike places as close as the DAKS or Whites or many of the mountains just a quick plane ride away you will probably not need any knowledge about avalanche safety on Old Rag until the approach of the next ice age.

Not a very busy day on the mountain.

I made sure this leftover fire would be safe at Byrds Nest.

It looks like the footers have been put in place for some upcoming remodeling at Byrds Nest.

Looking down towards Weakley Hollow from the first slab above Byrds Nest.

A fairly rare picture of me.

A picture of Rick L.

A video of the winter like conditions on the summit.

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  1. Hi from Herndon! Happy to have found your blog and these posts especially since this a.m. my other half is bound and determined to hike Old Rag- even in the snow! He has only hiking boots- nothing metalic to aid him, but hopefully, with careful footing as you say, he and his friend will do great.

    I'm sure it will be breathtaking to be up there, to say the least!

    Great blog...