Sunday, December 26, 2010


OLD RAG SEASON'S GREETINGS 2010Music and Lights At Bottom Of Post

Not many cars in the parking lot

No snow in this picture but the summit had fairly heavy flurries and constant 30 MPH winds with an occasional gust that may have been 40 plus MPH. I was happy with the wind but not enough snow and the temps were unfortunately above zero probably in the low 20's. It still qualified as a Winter Wonderland though.

The first and last of the videos below are a 2010 Holiday Greeting from Byrd's Nest Shelter and the middle video shows a few seconds of the 30MPH winds found on the summit the afternoon after Christmas.
Even with the snow, cold and high winds the Old Rag ravens were acrobatically playing in the summit winds. It is a lot of fun to watch these noble creatures. I am humbled by their ability to survive and play in such harsh conditions.
My fingers got a little frost nipped just during the two minutes I had my gloves off in order to fuss around with the camera. Parts of my face got a little frost nipped as well. If this keeps up I will need to find my old face mask or use this opportunity to shop for a new improved face mask.

Having frost nipped fingers brought back memories of working on tractors and snow removal equipment in near zero weather. You would optimize everything so as to get as much done with your gloves off as you could. Once the gloves came off you would do as much as you could until your hands could not take the cold anymore and than you would spend five minutes warming them under your upper arms or between your legs before continuing with the repair. You would repeat this painful process until the repair was done.
It was while driving tractors out in very cold windy weather that I learned how to steer using my legs so I could periodically warm my hands under my upper arms. While you can not take sharp turns it is amazing how long you can drive a slow moving tractor without needing the assitance of your arms.
Safety Notes:
Always keep safety in mind. With a lot of stuff I post please keep the "Do not try this at home." warning in mind. Being a long ways from a heated house or car in harsh winter conditions is a mortally dangerous place for the unprepared if the wrong cascade of unlucky events happens.
Even with hands firmly at 10 and 2, hurtling down the road at 55 plus miles per hour can often be the most dangerous thing we do on our outdoor forays.

Background music played on an I-Phone with songs sung by Perry Como and Andy Williams.
The lights are from a Rave light show house.

I also bought 30 sparklers hoping they might be allowed in the park (since they are allowed in Virginia) but...... SPARKLERS and other FIREWORKS are not allowed in the SNP.
I was happy the way the RAVE LED LIGHTS worked out and my little niece and nephew are happy that they got to use the sparklers in their back yard while their parents, grandparents, uncle, cat, dog and backyard wildlife looked on.
While the music on these videos is direct from my I Phone speakers I have been having a blast with my new noise cancellation studio headphones that I have been using with my I Phone. I originally got the headphones so I could have my own music mix for my skating work outs. They are great for this because if you wear them over your ears they silence the rink's music but it turns out that if I wear them around my neck (not over my ears) while hiking I can still hear nature's sounds and the music at the same time. One of the nice things about winter with its noisy winds and lack of hikers is that I can sing along and not worry about disturbing others peace.

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