Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year Jan 3, 2009

Wonderful weather, low 40's and clear. Between the lower lot, cars parking on Neathers Rd and the upper lot there was around 100 cars parked at 1PM. Unusually busy winter day. Lots of happy hikers. No injuries although I did see a few blood spots near the natural stairs. Almost no ice on the trail. I saw no campers on the way out. Absolutely no cars in either lot at 8PM.
Periodically we have groups parking at Old Rag who accidently lock their keys in the car or lose them. Most cell phones will not work in the parking lots so it is hard to call a locksmith or AAA. It may take a long time before a locksmith or tow truck with a jimmy bar will arrive. It is good to either hide a spare key on your car or have a cohiker carry a spare set.

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