Monday, January 26, 2009

Truncated Patrol and Holiday Party

Today was Trail Patrols annual Holiday Party which was held at Highacre in Harpers Ferry WV. In order to make it to the party on time I decided to start at Berry Hollow and go to the summit the quickest way. Even with starting in Berry Hollow I hit my turnaround time just as I reached an excellant view above the CCC stairs and just below the Byrds Nest Shelter. This is where the photo below was taken.

I had never been to High Acre so it was interesting getting to see it. At the party I enjoyed the good food, drink, and conversation. I was able to have my first sample of authentic Virginia White Lightning but I did not get to directly experience any evidence of the High Acre ghost or ghosts.

I did manage to see around 20 other hikers and provide helpful information to three hiking groups. No injuries, virutally no liter, no trail repair needs and no campers spotted.

Another great day on the mountain.

Double Click Picture for full resolution.
Just Above The CCC Stairs below Byrds Nest on OLD RAG Saddle Trail


  1. sounds like a great party! I just love lightning in January!.. and Feb, and March...

  2. The white lightning was pretty good but Chads 2007 wild grape wine is much better.