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Sat.&Sun May 11&12, 2014 Mother's Day Rosser Lamb Cabin


Mother's Day

Rosser Lamb Cabin

Turkey Nest In The Woods

Wild Turkey nest and eggs near Rosser Lamb Cabin
Using a 20X telephoto allowed this shot while staying 40 feet away.
FAQ page about Wild Turkey State of Pennsylvania:

Rosser Lamb Cabin
This PATC cabin allows one to live like an Appalachian family one hundred years ago and before the SNP.   A link to some history: http://www.pecva.org/index.php/maps-and-resources/publications/piedmont-view/164-summer-2012-piedmont-view/697-hike-revisits-life-in-the-mountains

Please check out this intro video for the Piedmont Environmental Council:




Lamb Family Cemetary

Showy Orchis

Wikipedia link:

 John's Rest Cabin

Darwin and Squaw Root
Darwin is one of the famous scientist finger puppets traveling with science professors and lab staff from Louise's educational institution this summer.   They take pictures of them during their travels and before the Fall semester begins they make a big display of  traveling finger puppet pictures. 

Louise snapping Darwin's picture as he lectures her on the origin of species.

Darwin and Showy Orchis

Darwin and a Pileated Woodpecker Hole

Me Robert Look(Bob) and Darwin

Rosser Lamb House1913-today

A link to a photo-diary of another groups trip to the Rosser Lamb farm house:
Entry Run There Is A Nice Cascade/Falls Between John's Rest Cabin and the Rosser Lamb Farmhouse.


Louise Casey Louise Casey Robert Look Louise Casey

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