Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday&Sunday May 31, June 1, 2014


Saturday On Old Rag

Sunday Simulated Bear Victim WFA

Saturday, May 31, 2014 and Sunday, June 1, 2014


It was a gorgeous day.    When I arrived at the parking lot there were at least 60 cars overflowing into the neighbors pasture.    Lots of happy hikers on Old Rag on Saturday.  
 Wonderful Cluster Of Lady's Slippers

Lady's do not transplant successfully they require a very unique environment including having specific co-located fungus that they share a  symbiotic relationship with.    Please enjoy them Where they are.    There are  already trails which because of bad human behavior no longer have Lady Slippers when once they did.     Do disturb them in hopes that they will be there for future generations.   From USDA Forest Service Website....  

......" In order to survive and reproduce, pink lady's slipper interacts with a fungus in the soil from the Rhizoctonia genus. Generally, orchid seeds do not have food supplies inside them like most other kinds of seeds. Pink lady’s slipper seeds require threads of the fungus to break open the seed and attach them to it. The fungus will pass on food and nutrients to the pink lady's slipper seed. When the lady’s slipper plant is older and producing most of its own nutrients, the fungus will extract nutrients from the orchid roots. This mutually beneficial relationship between the orchid and the fungus is known as “symbiosis” and is typical of almost all orchid species."




 Dusk Shots



I am all MOULAGED as a bear attack victim.   Slash wounds on head and back.   One finger missing.    The students did a great job on me and the two other patients who had even more serious injuries than mine.

Emergency Response Training LLC  of Frederick Maryland

has been doing a great job providing Wilderness First Aid WFA and CPR training for the Potomac  Appalachian Trail Club for many years.    I like to try and help them at least once a year by volunteering to be a simulated patient for one of their classes.    I find it to be fun and I usually learn a lot by doing it.

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