Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013 Backcountry Interpreters

Twenty minutes after I took this picture I met a Dad and his two daughters (estimated ages 4 and 7). It had become dark and they were hiking with headlamps.   They were coming up to have a late night dinner at Chez Old Rag Summit.   Their ceiling sparkled with stars including an absolutely gorgeous Big Dipper.   They would be serenaded by a wonderful symphony of tree frogs and other night wildlife voices.  The homely lights of Graves Mountain Lodge, Etlan, Culpepper and Madison glowed down in the valleys to the East.   Lights of distant cars would be seen moving high across the western horizons on Skyline Drive.  The American wilderness experience would shape the spirits of a new generation!  In wilderness is the preservation of our children!

A new generation of employees representing the long proud heritage of The National Park Service!    Sherri and Gwen (sp?)   I can not say enough good things about the wonderful salt of the earth NPS employees I have had the chance to interact with in the back-country of our National Parks.

Moms and Dads do not let your kids grow up to be politicians.

Note:  This was written at a time when the NPS was making sure no one was within National Wilderness Areas within their jurisdictions during the 2013 government shutdown.   Heard that technically folks could not even walk from Independence Ave. to Constitution Ave. across the lawn of the Capital Mall because the government says it is technically shut down.     Hmmm Constitution, Independence, the Peoples' Lawn, thought provoking?    I wonder what they are going to do about any climbers half way up the Nose Route in Yosemite, bivouacked on the Exum Ridge, or camping in the deep back country of Denali?  

When humans are involved things certainly can get complicated.   ;-).

End of humor and back to the simplicity of nature:
An excerpt from the Summer 2013 finale of Old Rag TV's Summit Sunsets.

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