Friday, October 18, 2013

LNT Fifty Shades Of Gray

Shades Of Grey
Safety Versus Preservation

Leave No Trace is not a system of rules but rather ethical guidelines.  What initially seems an egregious breaking of "rules" is not always so.

Scout Leaders Destroy Ancient Rock Formation In State Park

Ancient rock formation's destruction could draw charges against Utah men

Authorities in Utah are considering criminal charges against a group of men who gleefully shoved a boulder off its perch in a state park — and disturbed a rock formation that park officials say is 170 million years old.

The men, identified by The Salt Lake Tribune as Boy Scout leaders, recorded the antics, and cheered and high-fived after they toppled the rock. As one of the men was jostling the boulder loose, the cameraman sang a 1990 dance-party hit: “Wiggle it — just a little bit.”
The Tribute posted the video to YouTube:

Upon reading further down in the article it turns out that their underlying motive was that they thought it looked like it was about to fall over any moment and it presented a safety hazard.

Is mountain top mining appropriate?    Was hacking away a large portion of Six Grandfathers to create Mt Rushmore appropriate?    Was destruction of The Buddhas of Bamiwam appropriate?   Is any graffiti on rock appropriate?   How about pioneers names carved into the rock at Chimney rock is that appropriate.    What about Anastasi Petroglyphs should they be removed?

Mount Rushmore

The re-imagining of Mount Rushmore goes beyond disputes about, for instance, who should be considered the "real" founding fathers -- Mount Rushmore is located in the Black Hills, land that is sacred to a number of tribes. It's also land that, according to the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 was forever ceded control of to Native Americans only to be unilaterally abrogated by the US Government.

Is purposely causing  avalanches or trundeling  OK?


Unexploded shells used to trigger avalanches liter the landscape?

Park's bombs litter slopes
Yellowstone can’t say how many unexploded shells lie above Sylvan Pass, or how to find them.

 Should an image of Crazy Horse be carved out of a mountain?

Future of Crazy Horse Mountain

I will not pretend to know the answers but in my opinion this is why LNT is considered a frame work of ethical guidelines and not a set of rules or laws.    

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  1. They're lucky that they weren't hurt doing that. They should be charged and tried - if only for the publicity the LNT cause will get from it.