Monday, September 12, 2011

Sat.&Sun. September 10&11, 2011

Awesome days and wonderful night hike under the moon.

The following shows the Byrds Nest build out with the padlock in  place.

This was one of those weekends where the clouds were big gorgeous broiling puffy white cummulus clouds which while pretty in static pictures can be mesmerizing to watch as they constently change.

Saturday night and I hiked down the Ridge Trail under a beutiful almost full moon.

On Sunday I was back at my reading/living room and it was another gorgeous day.

Got lots of reading and contemplation done.    It may just be my imagination running away with me but I have a very strong sense that Old Rag is a nexus of spiritual energies.
On Sunday night my co-hiker came within two feet of stepping on this Copperhead as it crossed Weakley Fire Road.    Pretty little guy who wanted only to go about his business but surely would bite and envenomate you if you happened to step on him.

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