Monday, September 26, 2011

Sat. & Sun. Sept. 24&25, 2011
Many of the pictures need to be viewed at their highest  resolution.   
Double click to expand than click than mangify for highest resolution.

A new ranger for the fall season Linda.    If you click on the word ranger in the label list in the right  hand channel it will bring up pictures of most of the ranger staff that has worked the Old Rag Contact Station over the last couple of years.

The weekend turned out to be mostly drizzly.   If you enlarge the following pictures you will see the marvels of a dew soaked spider web.

Looking down on the Saddle Trail col and Byrds Nest Shelter.

Not all the color is going to be natural.  Check out the brilliant fall reds of this patrol/jamboree of boy scouts.

A little bit of maroon.

The oranges and yellows of Chicken In The Woods.   I like to jokingly call this Chicken And Eggs.

With all the recent percepitation the mosses are very green.

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