Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept 17&18

This was the first weekend since Spring when I was  glad that I packed my fleece.   I also found I could crank up the exertion level with the air being on the coolish side.

The parking lot was  at capacity on Saturday.

Some of the understory brush is just starting to turn.    I spotted a road side farm market selling pumpkins and I have been noticing Walking Sticks down on the ground (another sign of Fall).

The following pictures are of late summer early fall wildflowers which can be found on Old Rag.  

The following picture is stitched together from two shots that were taken around sunset on Saturday evening.

This picture is chronologically out of order but was taken a little earlier on Saturday from the part of Old Rag's summit that looks down over the Ridge Trail.

I only have a point and shoot digital camera but I try to capture the wonder of Culpepper's lights twinkling below Old Rag's Ridge Trail on Saturday evening.

The following video was taken late on Saturday afternoon on the summit.


Heading up the Weakley Fire Road on a reverse circuit.

Leaves on  the fire road and a continuous stream of hikers are sure signs of Fall.


The following video was taken late in the day on Sunday. The folks you see at the end of the video were from a church choir and it seemed appropriate that about fifteen minutes after I finished reading the last page of Praying The News on my Kindle they showed up and practiced one of their hymns .

Note: During the song I was the only other hiker on the summit.    Out of respect for my potential desire for solitude they had asked me before singing if I would mind.  

I am acquainted with one of the authors of Praying The News so I  am going to give it a shameless plug:

Remote mountaintop, inner city, suburban home, country farm, professional office … deeply Christian or having absolutely no idea what you believe in…… Praying The News is an inspirational; introduction, testimonial, and field guide to intentional prayer. If you’re interested in; celebrating your life, actualizing your belief in good, preparing or equipping yourself against life’s storms, pushing back against evils, Praying The News is an invaluable tool.

The following link is to the Amazon page for Praying The News:

The following short video was taken from near  the top of the Chute.  

The following short video is from the same location looking down at the first false summit.

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