Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday & Sunday
October 30&31, 2010
The Early Post

At lower elevations there was still some stunning color which was made all the brighter with the sun coming through the mostly open canopy and bright blue skies providing wonderful blue backgrounds.
The Stewards had a little bit of Halloween fun. I have a feeling that this tradition (which I understand was started by Steward Ben) is going to grow with time.

On Saturday we had an awesome haul system training session.

Old Rag often has stellar sunsets and Saturday's would have to rank up high on the list of the best.

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  1. We left the parking lot at 8:30 AM Sunday and didn't have too much company going up the mountain. It did take us until Noon to reach the summit because we had to stop and soak in each vista we discovered. Can't wait to do it again!