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October 30 & 31, 2010
The Late Posting

  • RULES &
    Mountains are very spiritual places!

    The following memorial was on Old Rag's summit area.

Where do I start?
We could use the above picture as a starting point for hours of spiritual and ethical discussions.
For this post lets just stick to the SNP rules.
The Shenandoah National Park has a set of rules published under the title:

Superintendent’s Compendium
Of Designations, Closures, Permit
Requirements and Other Restrictions
Imposed Under Discretionary Authority

One could call this document The Park Rules (just keep in mind it is not that simple because of a plethora of Federal, State, Local, Tribal and International laws and public policies that may also apply).
A copy of the document can be found at:
Revisions to this document are periodically published so you should try and make sure that you are using the current one.
In regards to memorialization, this document states the following:

§2.62 Memorialization:
· (a) Erection of monuments (Requires approval from Director)
· (b) Scattering ashes from human cremation not in accordance with listed
· Contact Superintendent’s Office for special use permit.

This document contains additional writing concerning memorialization by the scattering of ashes of cremated human remains which can be found on page 16 of 18. This section describes the conditions under which the ashes from cremated human remains may be scattered without needing a permit.
So .... now that you know the rule .....
Let the ethical and spiritual discussions begin.
Please use this opportunity to ponder and talk among yourselves.

The higher elevations had lost all their leaves.

The view from near Etlan.

Speaking of mountains being spiritual places.........this was the color of the sky about ten or fifteen minutes after the equally stunning but different sunset colors found pictured in the week's Early Post.
What a glorious hour of natural beauty.

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