Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct. 17&18, 2015 Training and Patrol


Steve Paul was one  of two Rangers that helped hikers  on the summit on Saturday.

Ray B. was my student.   He was finishing up his PATC TP new member training.

It was a pretty sunset on the summit of Old Rag on Saturday night.

If you watch the sunset from the summit you are going to be hiking part of the way back to your car under headlamps.

The line waiting to pay their entrance fee at the Old Rag Contact Station.

A cluster of the approximately 2,000 hikers who went up Old Rag on Sunday.

Thank goodness for the portable commodes and the company that services them when needed.   These resources mean that hikers are able to practice good outdoor ethics and Leave No Trace LNT.

The  fire road before the crowds are coming down it to get back to their cars.

 The summit blueberry pushes add nice red highlights to the Fall color.

The sun gets low in Sunday afternoons skies  as sunset approaches.

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