Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Columbus Day Weekend Little Devils Staircase

Some of the maples had turned vibrant red.

The trail head.

More color.

There was a good amount of water in the canyon.

There is a pretty twenty foot water fall at the top of the canyon.

Fall's Asters are bloomings

The stream hugs the cliffs on the right then the cliffs on the left then cliffs on the right..... and each time it does the trail switches sides.  

These photos do not do the rock walls and burbling cascade of water justice.   Every twenty to thirty feet of vertical gain reveals another set of beautiful pools and cascades to enjoy.

Lots of things for photographers to take pictures of.

SNP has numerous cemeteries that were used by the families who lived in what is now SNP.   Double click on the next picture and read this wonderful memorial titled WHYTHE MOUNTAINS ARE BLUE by Wayne Baldwin.   It honors the sacrifices made by the residents who were forced off their land so that SNP could be made. 

Notice the  plaque's  location in this backcountry cemetery located at the junction of the Hull School  Trail and Keyser Run Fire Road 

A whole cluster of fungi living off a decomposing tree.

Lawyers Wig, aka Shaggy Ink Cap, aka Shaggy Mane, aka Coprinus comatus.

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