Monday, February 27, 2012

Sat&Sun Feb. 25&26, 2012

SAT & SUN FEBRUARY 25&26, 2012

Cold and very windy 10-40 mph high on Old Rag on Saturday.    Cool but calm on Sunday.  Both days were clear.

In the next picture notice that Old Rag Mountain is clear of any white stuff.

If you look down and too the right of the gate to Old Rag Farm you will notice that there are daffodils and  crocuses blooming.

Both days saw quite a few cars parking at what I affectionately call Old Rag International Parking.

Along the Saddle Trail where the mountain slopes are shaded from the Sun for a good part of the day there was still ice to be seen.

A picture of Sunset Walls from the Saddle Trail.

This first video is taken from the Saddle Trail just above the CCC stairs.

The music in the background is from HEM performing their version of the song The Cuckoo

A quick video from the summit on Sunday.

I have a lot of mountain acquaintances.   One of them, Wendy Griffith wanted to hike Old Rag on this day and gave me a call to see if I might be able to meet up with her near the summit so as to be able to walk out with her late in the day.   She was pretty sure it would be getting dark before she finished her hike out and she thought having company on the way out would be safer.    As it turned out we accidentally missed each other and she ended up walking out mostly on her own but she has done a great job writing up the story on her blog so I have linked it below.

The following picture is of a blowdown just up from the start of the Ridge Trail.  It is super easy to step over!

This blowdown was located about a half mile down from the start of the rock scramble and about a tenth of a mile above Bar Tender's Spring on the Ridge Trail

This huge blowdown about 4 feet in diameter was located about a half mile down Weakley Hollow fire road from the intersection of Weakley Hollow Fire Road, Old Rag Fire Road, and Berryhollow Fire Road AKA Post Office(PO) Junction.

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