Monday, February 13, 2012

Sat&Sun Feb. 11&12 Cold, Clear, Windy, Snow

Saturday & Sunday February 11&12,   2012

There was snow during the 36 hours preceding Saturday afternoon which was cold clear and very windy above 2,500 feet.
Looking towards Etlan and Culpepper from the first false summit R20.
The next two videos provide a little insight on the wind conditions.     Down in the hollows the air was still but up on the ridgeline the winds never dropped below about 20 miles per hour and were gusting to 50 miles per hour at times.   These winds and temperatures in the low twenties created a different weather reality.   Winter's cold kisses, hugs and chilly embrace.   While refreshing,  potentially deadly dangerous.  No problem if you can keep moving, have the right clothing layers or knowledge of how to improvise in the backcountry.  

With the very rare exception of those that came here from planet Krypton we are all still human. 

Stuff happens!!!

If you find yourself;  lightly clothed, ill equipped for hunkering down, not having a mentality for improvisation and sustaining an injury like a (broken hip, leg or ankle) then.... Death may have finally figured out how to sell you that ticket for your last adventure on earth. 

If it is COLD AND WINDY pay close attention to Death's tells.  He is probably not bluffing.    If you are at the table and you do not know who the sucker is.....its probably you!

I say, Plan Ahead and Be Prepared!   

Make Death wait and work hard for his winnings.   I do not normally advocate cheating but in this case I say, cheat Death if you have to!   Choose Life!   If I am at the table I will help... go all in with the smile of the Cheshire Cat.  It will be fun!    If despite all Team Life's best efforts .....stuff happens.... then we will get up from the table and dance that last dance with grace, style and class and hope we see ya all again.   "I will never know by living only my dying will tell"  Blood Sweat and Tears'  And When I Die

It was mesmerizing beautiful watching the high winds carry a whirling kaleidoscope of spin drift up over Skyline Wall.  

Despite all the talk about DEATH the real reason to hike Old Rag is to celebrate LIFE!   Check out this upbeat song by Givers called:


You have got to watch it!

A new generation of human optimism proves you can not keep a good species down! 
GO Human DNA GO!

Down in Weakley Hollow there was no snow on the ground.

Just a quarter mile up the road.   SNOW!

Another half mile and it was a Winter Wonderland.

This picture does not due it justice but the sparkling lights of Culpepper were wondrous.

Because of the high winds there were,

The following two pictures are for the hard working trail maintenance folks.    The first picture was taken about a quarter mile up the trail from Old Rag Shelter and the last picture was from about 100 yards up from the gate at Berryhollow Parking Lot.

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