Monday, October 31, 2011

A Sunday Walk In The Woods

Sunday, October 30, 2011
A Late Day Walk In The Woods

ORMS was on duty at the Old Rag Contact Station between 7AM and 2PM.    After our duty time was over I took a personal (non-ORMS) hike up to what we call PO(Post Office) Junction because it is near the site of the former Old Rag Post Office.    I would not normally find myself walking up the Weakley Fire Road at this time of day  but it was stunning with the sun light shining through the trees with half their leaves off.

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There was still some very bright Fall colors to be enjoyed.

With a lot of leaves off the trees the views of the 4th Class Slabs on Old Rags western facing flanks were quite easy to see and the snow is a useful indicator of non-vertical rock.

Above the steel vehicle bridge the fire road still had snow cover.

I found the snow shadow caused by the roof of the Old Rag Interpretive Sign interesting.

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