Monday, July 25, 2011

Air You Can Wear Sat.&Sun July 23&24, 2007 Raccoon

Very hot humid and mostly still air.    Not many folks hiking.     Wonderful both days as usual.   The raccon in the video walked past myself and a hiker with only about eight feet of clearance.   We were on the first slab looking east just before the start of the rock scramble.     
Sound Bite credit Michael Murphey Carolina In The Pines


  1. hey Bob, was that raccoon near the first east-facing slab on the Ridge Trail???
    I saw the biggest one I've EVER seen there in Feb.. massive.

  2. Andy,

    Yes, the first slab looking east. This animal's health was questionable. A hiker and I were talking and it walked across in front of us on the open rock slab less than eight feet away between us and the cliff edge.