Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday August 14, 2010 Dancing Clouds

Dancing Clouds Moist Air

The day was very cloudy and relatively cool. While it sprinkled a couple of times there was generally very little percipitation. The low level clouds were slipping past the Skyland/PATC Wall and the summit in this picture. It was a fee free weekend and the parking lot was 9 tenths full.

Lots of information and guidance provided but no SAR responses required.

Woodland Sunflower Helianthus divaricatus

Chestnut Oak Quercus prinus

Wild Foxglove Aureolaria flava Gerardia
With a bumblebee inside one of the flowers.
This plant gets some of its nutrients from Oak Roots which it parasitizes. Like the Lady Sipper which relies on a symbiotic relationship with a delicate soil fungus neither survives transplantation. Even if it could survive transplantation taking wildflowers from the park in any form is illegal, terrible woodland ethics, and very destructive.

The cloud cover was low. There was warm moist air rising from Weakley Hollow. The moisture laden air was turning into wispy dancing clouds. The swirling intermixing cloud tendrils put on quite a fascinating and pleasing display for summit observers.

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