Monday, August 2, 2010



PATC Trail Patrol provides a regular training day a couple of times a year but since dual income professional families in Washington DC have very hectic schedules PATC Trail Patrol members who are willing can provide one-on-one training to outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in becoming new PATC Trail Patrol members.

I had the pleasure of providing a day of One-On-One PATC Trail Patrol training to one of our new probationary members this last weekend. All her family members are outdoor enthusiasts so I was glad they could join us for the day.

The next two pictures are of the Cuneo family and then one of me and my student for the day.

Even though I had the role of being an instructor I had the distinct pleasure of learning from the Cuneo's who are active hikers, climbers, outdoor persons with lots of knowledge, stories and experiences of their own. If you join any of the volunteer organizations I participate with do not be surprised that shortly after joining us you find yourself a mentor and source of new information and knowledge in regards to your own unique experiences, knowledge, skills, aptitudes or areas of specialization.

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