Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday October 11, 2009 Rescue Leaves and Crowds

Old Rag

New Old Rag Mountain Stewards receive some training.

The fall crowds have arrived with the leaves changing color.

The next three shots are of the litter carry of a non-ambulatory patient from the middle of the chute up and over the summit to a National Park Service SAR vehicle at Old Rag Shelter.
Note: For hikers who come to the mountain only prepared for a quick hike if you are non-ambulatory it is going to take awhile to get you out especially if your injury occurs in the middle of the rock scramble. On this day the patient was loaded into the ambulance around 11PM. Given the nature and place of injury this was actually a smooth and fast extraction. Yes helicopter extractions can sometimes be done but most often they either can not or should not be done. Obviously Old Rag is not as remote as a multi-pitch technical climb at the end of a fifteen hour approach hike but do not be lulled into treating it like a walk in a city park either.

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