Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Columbus Day PATC TP

Columbus Day 2009

Overcast and a little cool. A moss and lichen garden on the way up the Ridge Trail.

Looking up the Ridge Trial. Take a look at a similar shot from just a couple of weeks ago in order to see how fast the colors changed. It is unfortunate but very pretty wispy smoke like tendrils of fog where blowing left to right across this picture. I am not sure any still shot could catch them. It would probably take a very high quality video to capture them.

Looking out from the end of the igneous dyke at the start of the Ridge Trail rock scramble.

Looking back at the first false summit from below cave. If zoomed you can see a hiker on the top front taking a picture back towards the left or Skyline drive.

Looking out from the cave.

Leaf colors are getting near peak.

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