Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday&Sunday August 22,&23 2009


Looking at Old Rag Summit from first false summit and start of rock scramble.

Looking towards Etlan from the first false summit.

After Saturday's rain mushrooms were popping up on the forest floor.
AMANITA mushroom

Started fairly late on both days. I was still recovering from the trip to attend my uncles funeral. On Saturday it started raining just before I arrived at the fee station. Because of the rain I decided to hike up the Ridge trail until I met a downward party whom seemed confident that the Ridge trail was clear of hikers. About halfway through the switchbacks I met three hikers who said that they were pretty sure there were no parties behind them but several heading up who had all said they were doing the circuit and would be going down the Saddle Trail and fire roads. I turned around at this point and went back to the upper parking lot and hiked up the fire road to the fire road junction. Those coming out said all seemed fine.

I was still tired so I decided to head up the Ridge Trail with the thought of doing the circuit but by the time I reached the first false summit and start of the rock scramble it was fairly late and I just did not feel up to pushing on. I hung out at the start of the rock scramble and watched a few parties come down. The last group said that the Ridge Trail was clear when they came down. The parties they had seen on the summit were all going down the Saddle Trail and fire roads. I returned to the upper parking lot where I saw the last hikers to pass me going up the Ridge Trail coming out on the fire road. Typical advice given, some liter picked up, no emergencies or medicals.

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