Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday August 15, 2009

Nice hot but not too hot day. Mat, Mark and myself did a meet the Trail Patrol hike.

Mat and Mark at the beginning of the first false summit.

Photostich sometimes does some strange things.
One of the Old Rag Dogs in the middle of extreme rest.
Another Old Rag Dog hanging out and getting lots of attention from hikers who think they are lost or abandoned and probably going to die. These dogs live across from the lower lot and just decide to go walk about. I have seen them go up and down the trail two or three times in a day although those are usually cooler days.

Some call this Whale rock and I call it Atlas rock because people like to pose for pictures that make it look like they are holding it up. The other party that arrived as we got ready to move up the trail took the classic hold up the rock picture.
While not long Mat and Mark got to experience a little bit of a line at the Chute.

We had to render a little aid to a hike whose shoes both blew out. A little bit of duct tape allowed him to keep his soles from flapping completly off his boots
Great hike. Gave out the typical assistance in the form of time and distance, dog explanations, and asking people to be careful not to break themselves. No fire rings and only light amounts of litter. No medical assistance needed.
Great day on the mountain.

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