Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday July 12, 2009 Last ORMS Weekend Until Fall
Very quiet lazy crazy hazy day of summer. First day it felt hot, humid and sweaty in a long time. No medicals or seperated parties. Lots of information and advice provided. I did an up and back on the fire roads and Saddle Trail. About a mile and a half up the road had to return to get new battery for my radio but got some very helpful rides which saved some time. Met up with the other stewards (Ann, Jeremy, Maria) doing their loop in the other direction just near the slab that overlooks Byrds Nest Shelter. They were having a quiet day as well. On Saturday the stewards had to help a hiker who dislocated their shoulder in the rock scramble. I had lots of reports of a rattlesnake on the trail but I did not see it myself.

Once on top I hung out on the summit until about 18:30. Got back down and left the lower lot at 21:30.

ORMS is not back on the mountain until late August early September but I will be doing patrols as a PATC Trail Patroller until then.

The start of the patrol.

Summit Climbers

Summit Climbers Closer

Climbers closer still.

Mount Robertson Panorama (stichted together double click for higher resolution)

Summer berries.

Bridge over lower Brokenback Run and a bridge to my PATC Trail Patrols until ORMS is back on duty in the Fall.

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