Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sunday September 13, 2015

Wonderful cool clear Fall-like late summer Sunday.

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Ranger Grant W.

A couple examining the map that includes the R and S markers after returning from their hike.

Some of the ground cover is beginning to color up.

A blow down across the Weakley Fire Rd not far from PO Junction.   I sent a note out about it from around 3PM and if you look at the  picture below I found it taken care of when I passed it on the way to my car around 8:30 PM

Blowdown from above is already all taken care of just four or five hours after I encountered it.

Fall Aster's

Sunset from the summit.

Dusk from the Saddle Trail slab that looks down on Byrds Nest Shelter

Twilight from the last view point just above the CCC Stairs on the Saddle Trail about half mile up from Old Rag Shelter.

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