Monday, July 22, 2013


Crazy me with a mountain cabin that I sometimes enjoy renting in the background.

A group of Trail Patrol trainees.
Robert Kim fresh back from Everest helping on National Trails day.
Louise, my better half, plant biologist, naturalist, lab manager, adjunct professor, .......


Mr. Copperhead.   I seldom see these during the day but see them quite often in the early evening as they begin to move about to hunt.

This is the same Copperhead a few seconds after the first shot.   Notice the tip of my hiking pole in the bottom right.   It is holding a leafy plant out of the way so as to expose a better picture of the well camouflaged Copperhead.

Mrs, Bear  just off Old Rag Saddle Trail had a cub with her but they  wandered out of sight before I could get a picture.

A hollow road leading to the cabin I like to rent.

Mountain Laurel in bloom.

Sunset and rain clouds.

Downpours over Nicholson hollow seen from Old Rag summit.

Rain falling into Weakley Hollow from Old Rag summit.

Enjoy the following pictures from Old Rag summit.   A kaleidoscope of changing views.    Over the changing seasons and changing moments I have been continually profoundly nourished,