Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012 After The Rain

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A local told me that their rain gauge indicated that Old Rag received 3 inches of rain in the three to four days leading up to this Sunday.

The woods was FULL of the most complicated blend of marvelous deeply aromatic smells. The moisture from the rain had caused an explosion of complicated and powerful smells. Every couple hundred feet walked presented entirely new symphonies of smell.

The summit was in the clouds at the end of the day so, no sunset but instead you are treated by the mesmerizing smokey clouds as they provocatively swirl over the ridges and summits transporting you to a completely different world.


  1. Bob, sorry to hijack the comments of this post to ask a question. But I was wondering what your thoughts are on taking on the rock scramble with a child in a backpack carrier? I've hiked old rag previously and really don't consider the(on trail)rock scramble a high level of difficulty (very, very enjoyable though). But I rather enjoy safety over stupidity so before I pack up and head that way I would love to hear what you think since you are on the trail so often.

  2. Chris P

    I see this being done in what appears to be a safe manner quite often. You really should have at least two responsible big people so that you can safely hand the child carrier up and down some of the trickier parts. During the hot weather I would be more concerned about the HEAT! Young children might have a much harder time regulating for extremely hot temperatures and direct sun.