Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old Rag Under Moonlight

Sorry folks I have not had time to get my blog post writings done.   Hopefully next week...
In the meantime someone posted a comment asking for conditions.    I usually will say something about conditions in my writing especially when there are winter conditions.  

Always keep in mind that in the winter conditions can radically change in just a few hours.   You can go from bare dry rock to  everything being coated in a quarter inch of ice in just a few hours.

Last weekend there was almost no ice or snow on Old Rag.   I always carry my micro-spikes at least in the car and often on my pack just in case.    Just because the ground is devoid of any snow down in the parking lot does not mean there will not be significant ice up on the mountain.

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  1. We were thinking about hiking Old Rag on Saturday. Was there any snow or ice? Other issues we might want to watch for?