Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saturday November 11, 2011 Leaves and Snow Almost All Gone

Saturday November 11, 2011
Leaves and Snow Almost All Gone

Looking towards Mount Robertson early Saturday morning.

Looking down the Ridge Trail from the summit early Saturday morning.

Looking  down at the first false summit around 10AM Saturday morning notice that lines are already forming.

Later on Saturday morning and you can notice there are still lines down on the First False Summit.   The line at the Chute had also formed and hikers were beginning to seek alternate routes in order to avoid the the delays caused by the lines.

Late on Saturday and the Old Rag Mountain Stewards had a chance to get in some rappeling and climbing practice.

Stewards packing at sunset getting ready to head for home after a day of coverage that greatly decreases response times in the event the need arose.    Despite being unselfishly (selfishly for some genetically anomalous human sheepdogs) available and willing  to serve, a Steward's day usually incorporates some fun (if learning backcountry knowledge and skills floats your boat) being trained by a highly qualified ORMS Lead Steward.   ORMS periodically accepts new members,  if you think you might be interested  the ORMS website will have instructions.   There is a link to this website in the right channel of this blog or:

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