Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lavender Farm and Food Saturday June18, 2011

Lavendar Smells Like Camphor With Many Earthy Overtones and Undertones.

There are some smells that have the simple clarity of a single instrument but not freshly cut lavender,  its fragrance is like that of a symphony orchestra.  A harmonious blend of many smells. 

Originally I had a day planned with ORMS but what with my on-going program to explore different parts of the geosphere I decided that a day with my friend Anita at the Seven Oaks Lavender Farm taking a lavender wreath making class followed by a wonderful gourmet lunch at a country inn which included lavender creme brulee and lavender ice cream was in order.

Entering the lavender fields where we picked the lavender for our wreaths.
 Let the wreath making begin.
 Two wreaths complete.    One for my sister and one for the Old Rag Contact Station.
 Off we went to lunch at the Popular Springs Inn.

The following is a picture of our main entrees NY Strip and Salmon.

 AHH......the wonderful deserts.   Both the Creme Brulee and Ice Creame Puffs featured deep spicy overtones of intense and very robust lavendar flavoring.

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