Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Crush by Trebor Kool

Dedicated with a warm friendly smile to WG.

It was not a mid-summer night but Puck was working his mischief.

Old Rag was exuding its natural healthy beauty when a chance meeting triggered a cascade of dopamine and that foolish human inebriation called infatuation. A crush. Last week's barely noticed Paraclete became this week's entrancement. How silly that someone you just met and hardly know can cause such powerful emotions.

For a couple days an avalanche of spinning rapturous delirium enslaved a soul.

Mixing swirling human emotions .....rapids, pounding misty water falls, followed by wide calm flat water, and gentle ocean swells.

A dying fire... Gentle warm rains on the roof... The sweet musty smell of wet fallen leaves wafting through an open window.... One last sip of Gran Marnier.... A warm comforter, an embraced pillow and day dreams slip into peaceful sleep.

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