Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Monday September 6, 2010

It was a wonderful warm sunny day. The first part of the day was done as part of ORMS and then the second part was done as PATC Trail Patrol and finally the end of the day was done as just a hiker.

Click on the picture than use the plus eyeglass and slider bar for more detail. You can see a couple of hikers(one in white and one in blue) on the first false summit. This shot was taken from next to the chute.

The berries and nuts seem to be particularly bountiful this year.

A picture of some Sedum just about ready to bloom. Hopefully I can catch a picture of it in bloom next week.

While taking the picture of the Sedum I realized I had an Old Rag inhabitant checking me out. This picture does not show it but the Mantis below was definitely following my movements.

A shot looking down the chute.

A number shots taken over the time thirty minutes before and thirty minutes after sunset.

The following are panorama shots stitched together from multiple snaps. Double click and use the expansion hour glass and slider bar for more detail.

Yet once again I happened upon a Copperhead crossing the fire road. Not a problem as long as you have a good light to see them so as not to get too close or accidentally step on them. It seems the weather is still warm enough that they are still active mostly at night. As the days cool and nights get too cold they will switch to more daytime activity. Finally when it gets too cold they will head to their hibernaculums.

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