Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Training, Bears, Summer, Rescue

Misty Saturday, May 29, 2010
Sunny Sunday, May 30, 2010
Mixed Monday, May 31, 2010


Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer

Mt Laurel and Fireflies

Saturday and Sunday were great ORMS days. Our Lead Steward Ben did a great job training on spinal injuries Saturday and natural anchors on Sunday. There was a good volume of hiker traffic on both days but all the hikers were able to stay reasonably whole and well.

We had numerous reports of bears in Weakley hollow and actually got to see one ourselves.


All the following pictures (except the one in the mist) were taken on Memorial day when I was doing a PATC Trail Patrol.

A shot from near Peola Mills on Memorial Day.

The classic shot from near the winery.

Around two weeks ago SNP trail workers did an incredible job at Bartenders Spring

I had a good conversation with Robert from PATC TP when we passed each other on the Ridge Trail.

Looking down on Etlan

The First False Summit On Monday

Mt. Laurel in Saturday's Mist

Mt. Laurel in Monday's sun.

I was feeling slow and lazy on Monday so I took about a two hour nap/rest bit under an aesthetic pine where I could periodically open an eye or ear to make sure things were going okay in the scramble. It was extremely pleasant basking in the sun and listening to the wind blowing.

After my long rest bit I started up to the summit. Not being in any particular hurry I spent about an hour moving up through the scramble. The mountain had really quieted down late in the afternoon. As evening was approaching I was approaching Skyline or PATC Wall when I ran into two sisters who were going down the Ridge Trail. They said they did not have lights and had never hiked the trail. Rather than continue the circuit I decide to join them on their trip down the mountain. The following picture is of them on the 1st False Summit as evening is approaching. It was fun hearing their stories about trips they had taken to the park when they were kids.

As we approached the upper lot the fireflies were putting on quite a display.
Fire and Rescues
It was a busy day for first responders on Monday. As I was approaching Sperryville I had fire trucks and volunteer fire fighters passing me from both directions. I was later to learn that there was a parked car near an SNP trail head which had caught fire and then caused a little bit of a brush fire. Then as I checked in at the Old Rag Contact Station I heard that there was an incident with an injured hiker in the Chute. By the time I was very far up the Ridge Trail Eagle 2 and the SNP Rangers were able to get the injured hiker off the mountain. Then the SAR team members who where hiking off the mountain on the Saddle Trail ended up helping a second hiker who was having great difficulty with the heat. Awesome smooth efficient job by the SNP SAR team.

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