Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010 Trilliums

Saturday, April 10, 2020
High 60's and Clear
Swallow Tails, Lilacs, Trillium

The trees are quickly developing their leaves.

Parking lot was full to capacity again so I paid the $10 to park in the neighbors lot. Parking in Shenandoah National Park's parking lot is free. What you pay the SNP for is entry into the park. If you already have a one week pass that is still active or if you have an annual pass to the park than you have already paid for entrance to the park. For more information on SNP Fees see:

When the SNP lot is full the neighbors will sometimes open their pasture for parking at the cost of $10 per car. With Old Rag's popularity it is good to bring enough cash to cover you in case you need to pay for both the boundary entry fee as well as parking in the neighbor's pasture.

There was some Civil War reenactment going on this weekend.

The Swallowtail were out and the Lilac's were blooming. Note the bilateral symmetry of the wing markings.

The Trillium were starting to bloom. The one below was a very pretty shade of creamy pink.

If you double click on the above picture you might be able to see the hiker.

Another Old Rag summit sunset.

The spring melt created some washout on the Weakley Hollow Fire Road so it is being repaired.

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