Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trail Maintenance and Reports From Others


While I was at training over the weekend PATC Trail Maintainers were as busy as beaveres and completely took care of the five blowdowns that I had reported the week before. A majority of the trail work done on mid-Atlantic trails is provided by volunteers. These groups are always willing to welcome new volunteers. While this post will highlight the efforts of some specific groups keep in mind there are many such groups that lend their hands to these efforts.

If you are interested in helping to maintain old or create new trails Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) is one of the organizations that presents numerous types of opportunities to volunteer. The following link takes you to the page on PATC's website that has an overview of the various PATC maintenance crews. While folks with woodsman skills are always welcomed do not be concerned if you have never used a saw or an ax. As long as you are willing to help and willing to spend a little time learning PATC will teach you all that you need to know.

If you catch the trail maintenance bug and want to get involved doing more advanced trail maintenance activities PATC is a great place to find experts who can mentor you. If you explore some of the trail crews posts you will see pictures of some very impressive projects.

Old Rag is often worked on by one of these maintence crews called the Blue and White Crew whose website can be found at:

Of course there are numerous other ways (SAR, Trail Patrol, headquarters help.....)you can volunteer. PATC's lead in page for volunteering can be found at:

The following pictures were supplied by two PATC volunteers who cleared a way through the blowdowns I had reported on my Patrol Reports on the prior two weekends. I am always amazed at how fast any trail problems I report get fixed on Old Rag.

The following picture is of Dan Dueweke, PATC District Manager with what is a very impressive saw which was used to clear many of the blowdowns.


The following picture is of Patrick Wilson, PATC District Manager with a picture of an ax that was so sharp that its cuts left the wood shiny as displayed in the picture below his.

The above pictures were taken by Dan or Patrick.

The following picture of the Byrds Nest Shelter on the Saddle Trail was taken by A. Tang last weekend. She reports that while the snow still presented some additional work the trails were in pretty good shape compared to their condition on the weekends just after the big snow. The lower lot had been plowed with lots of parking spaces available. There are also some good recent trip reports for Old Rag or nearby hikes like White Oak Canyon on Hiking Upward

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  1. That's awesome work. It's cold up there but I bet these guys still work up a sweat!