Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday January 18, 2010
Martin Luther King Day

I did an up and bag from the White Oak Canyon side of the mountain. The Saddle Trail between the two shelters was treacherous with ice but otherwise the snow and ice was mostly gone. Temperatures were in the low fifties.

Most pictures offer higher resolution if clicked on.

Five shots stitched together from Etlan.

Mt. Robertson from Saddle Trail just above CCC stairs.

Icy trail looking up the Saddle Trail.

Some snow was left on the summit.

Long shadows looking down Ridge Trail towards Warrenton and Washington.

A series of shots leading up and past sunset. First one is ten minutes before.

The next two are right at sunset.

Stitch of five shots 15 minutes after sunset.


  1. Bob -
    Thanks for the great reports and photos.
    Have you seen any signs of peregrine falcons in your hikes over Old Rag in the last month or so? We would love to get any sightings you have of them as we move towards spring. Thanks
    Alan Williams / Ecologist / Shenandoah NP
    540-999-3500 x3431

  2. Alan
    I will make a point of keeping an eye out for them. The last time I saw a pair was flying high over Old Rag in November. In late November I thought I heard one off in the woods near the junction of the fire roads but I am not very practiced at song identifications and I could not see the bird in question.

    Bob Look