Monday, May 11, 2009

SNP Wildflower Weekend and Sir Raven

Sunday, May 10, 2009 Mothers' Day and SNP Wildflower Weekend

Spectacular weather, not very crowded. We dispensed some advice, picked up some liter, had no major medical needs. Old Rag and her guests were treating each other gently on this wonderful Sunday.

For ORMS members the following link goes to part one of a five part video covering one individuals well thought out mid-sized first aid kit. It starts with about two minutes of a collage of music and photos of the authors outdoor experiences before getting into the actual tutorial. If you are going to only watch one part skip to Part 2. Between the five parts the tutorial takes over two and a half hours but there is a lot of good info in it.

Azelas and bluets were out. Trillium was out but may be waning. One of my favorites the Mt Laurel is still to come.

OLD RAG MOUNTAIN STEWARDS ORMS getting ready during our morning meeting before the days patrol.

BLUETS lined the trails.
At the top of the Ridge Trail switchbacks lots of Triliums.

Delicate Azaleas

Wild Germanium

All of the following shots are of the same Old Rag Raven who decided to show off and play in the wind around the summit rocks and my head for about fifteen minutes. He was quite a character.

Corvus Corax Principalis Northern or Common Raven

Take a bow Sir Raven many thanks for celebrating the days perfect flying weather with me.

Exit stage left.

A couple of hikers traversing the top of Skyline Wall.

Spectacular weather

Summit panaroma stitched together from several shots

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