Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009 Old Rag Signs

Old Rag Bear Sign/Scratching Post

Old Rag Fee Station Signs About Self Registration and No Pets

The No Pets sign is only applicable to the Old Rag Trails the other trails and fire roads that are accessed from this Nethers/Old Rag parking lot allow pets on a lead. The park service has a web-site page which details which trails do not allow pets. The vast majority of trails allow pets. The Ridge Trail has places where a dog would need to be lifted up or down the rocks. Local lore has it that some years ago a very small dog was attacked and carried off the summit rocks by a large bird.

Old Rag Trail Blaze With Number R3
Note 1: Some Ridge Trail blazes have R#s and some Saddle Trail Blazes have S#s.
Note 2: If you have to report an accident knowing the victims location relative to a nearby numbered blaze will help the responders know how to best respond.


  1. Nice site Bob. Keep up the good work. I just may see you on the trails. I like the updates and look forward to them each weekend. My heart is out there in the Weakley Hollow, Corbin Hollow area, but, I am physically tied to a job in Richmond and can only get out there when the family and vacations permit.

  2. Hey HikeManiac appreciate your comment. It would be rare for our paths to cross but say hi if you do. Also if you think of any advice not already covered that would be helpful to others feel free to let me know and I will try and add it to a future post.